Keri Bowers – Normal Films The Art of Autism

keri bowersAlex Hale is proud to announce that Keri Bowers the producer of “Normal People Scare Me Too,” selected two of his original musical selections to play in the background of this documentary movie that debuts April 2016.

normal people scare me too

“Normal People Scare Me Too” is a sequel to “Normal People Scare Me” and it is comprised of a cast and production staff of individual on the ASD.  As Alex says, “An Autistic Mind, Is a Beautiful Mind!”


Keri and the vision she and her staff share and create and awareness in is the story of MY I’MPOSSIBLE DREAM and Alex and I plan to premier this movie in Cleveland, Detroit & Saratoga Springs, NY.  We hope you will reach out to us and assist us with our journey so we may share the beauty of Autism Art!