Keira Kilbane Foundation

Join us for our regular podcasts beginning Tuesday, January 19, 2016  with Jennifer Kilbane and the Keira Kilbane Foundation.   “The Keira Kilbane Foundation was founded in November 2014, to honor the memory and spirit of Keira, who lost her three-year battle with Leukemia on July 22, 2014. The Keira Kilbane Foundation is focused on improving the treatment options for childhood cancer patients through three main areas: research funding, support, and providing financial assistance for families currently in treatment.”

The podcasts will share the journey that Brian and Jennifer have taken through the loving spirit of their daughter Keira her memory lives on as they continue to help other families living through childhood cancer and the fight for life.

These podcasts are about challenges and obstacles but also about hopes and promises and life, filled with love.  Join us, and share your story.  Email us at