Alex Hale

Alex Hale has put AFTER FURTHER REVIEW on Hiatus as he left as he re-formats the  vision of his show/platform.  Alex has been in contact with his sponsors that will be following him in the near future as he continues to work on various projects in the entertainment field.  We will continue podcasting with each of them.

We welcome our sponsors:

Better Ourcomes Visit Louis Kraus and tuen in and listen to his podcast on getting better outcomes and civil speech.

The Studio Salon in Ohio City Visit Rachelle King and tune in and listen to her podcasts “Confessions of a Hairdresser.”

We thank , Hickman & Lowder, Co., L.P.A., supporting the special needs community. Tune in to hear their podcasts, as well as, supporting Alex Hale & Pat Guzowski.  We will miss having them as a sponsor – we hope they will rejoin us in the future.