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Alex Hale Autism Awareness & Anti Bully Advocate

While succeeding in college is a challenge for many young adults, for those with Asperger syndrome, the everyday challenges of college life can be even more daunting. Alex has faced challenges for most of his life as we have as well. Being on the high end of the autism spectrum, it is often difficult for family and friends to accept that Alex has challenges and they often refuse to accept that life is a battle, not just for him but for many others, including his family.
Hale, obtained his Bachelors of Business Management Degree and is rising above these challenges by reaching out to raise awareness and hope for others with Asperger’s and similar special needs. However, he cannot do it alone, and that is why we continue to reach out through social media to keep you aware and ask you to spread the word that we are in this together. Individuals like Alex need to get their foot in the door to become part of the neurotypical community.

Alex being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, at the age of six. People with Asperger syndrome often have difficulties in the areas of language and communication, social interaction and repetitive or restrictive thoughts and behavior. Today Asperger’s syndrome is Autism and not a stand alone diagnosis.
Current statistics indicate that 1 in every 68 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Alex is one; his father is another. Who do you know?
Alex is trying to live successfully despite his challenges; he is using his condition to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorders. Alex, a promising vocalist, and songwriter, has collaborated on an original song and video entitled “Into the Light,” with his uncle, Joel Moss Grammy award winner ( He continues to work in collaboration with Joel, Steve Deutsch, Charlie Eble and Ron Yatter. Currently, Alex is working and composing his life story, living on the spectrum, if someone wants to ghost write with him, please contact us.
While autism is not curable, “it is livable.” In addition to earning his degree, Alex aspires to be a vocalist and to continue to mentor individuals and families dealing with autism spectrum disorders. Alex began his initiative, “MY I’MPOSSIBLE DREAM” to advocate for Autism and Special Needs Awareness and to eliminate Bullying! His passion for sports has led him to airwaves as a guest on ESPN Cleveland as well as hosting his internet radio show, “After Further Review.” Alex has held his own with the big guys in the business interviewing, Mark Shapiro, President of the Cleveland Indians to actress Monica Potter, who portrayed a mother of a son with Asperger’s.

IMPOSSIBLE = I’MPOSSIBLE and together Alex is determined to prove
Disability = This Ability.